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Creating individual models to represent heroes and villains, has long been popular in the Wargaming fraternity.

Creating Peter Shabnek, the Lion of Manbelbrod could not be easier and the finished result will greatly repay the time and trouble taken in the conversion. It also adds to the realism (I think) of the background story.

The first problem is which Peter Shabnek do we model? because there are two!! Firstly there is the white haired Peter Shabnek who appears in the Kommander's Manual, and then there is the dark haired Peter Shabnek who was depicted in the Havok supplement presented free with the 2000AD comic. I have modelled the former, as he is a more striking character. Choose of course one of the 47th line troopers, any will do but I've chosen the model running in full stride. By carefully paring away the hood and goggles and lightly sanding the head (preserving the facial features) we can then detail the features and hair,and bushy eyebrows as shown below.The model I've produced gives a general impression of the hero, however somebody with far more skill than I possess could produce a much better conversion I'm sure.

Hengist 10:17, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Colonel Peter Shabnek, The Lion of Manbelbrod

Peter Shabnek2.jpg
Peter Shabnek5.jpg
Peter Shabnek6.jpg