"Krilish" of the Klan Regus In the Borkian Mercenary section we learn how Jamelik Lethmarin encountered the loathsome Krilish of the Klan Regus and how he detested and despised him for his cruelty and lack of honour. We learn that Krilish is a Tall, Black Coated figure, Slender, Pale, White haired with Red eyes. In the absence of a released model, I long wanted to represent Krilish within the Havok Universe,trying to find a model that I could convert that would lend itself to the above description was not easy and it was some years before I came across the Waddington's game "The Key to the Kingdom" (itself a good game by the way!) which contained a figure which to my mind was ideal.The figure in question was called "The Demon King" and was made of Black Plastic, had a Cloak/Coat and was Tall ( as was Krilish ), he was also slender, but his head was protected by a spiked helmet.It would not be too much of a conversion to fabricate the helmet to represent hair, and paint that hair white. The face would have to have a coat of "Porcelain Flesh" or similar anaemic looking Acrylic paint. Finally his eyes could be highlighted with a blood red Acrylic and a fine pin dipped in the same could be dragged across his lips to give the impression of a thin cruel mouth. The picture below is the result of the effort. I have used him as a trophy for the Nexus or the Pteravore to capture as part of a Major Game objective. I've also used him to command a detachment of Borkians.

Hengist 10:22, 21 July 2009 (UTC)
Klan Regus1

Krilish of the Klan Regus

Klan Regus3

Krilish, Glad to see back of 'im!

The Demon King

Before the conversion

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