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Whilst browsing around the pound shops recently, I came across a range of Dino Eggs. Two Eggs for £1 !! These novelties are in the form of a hollow plastic egg containing some inedible jelly which amazingly doesn’t stick to anything.

Encapsulated within this jelly is a small dinosaur figure which is skeletal in form. There are various models available, but the ones which took my eye for inclusion in my Havok Universe were 2 types. The first was a Monoceratops which sported a large frill around it’s neck and the second was a Triceratops which sported a smaller frill. I thought that these, with a little work, could slot in quite nicely as Marro Hellhounds, with the Heroscape Marrden Nagrubs which I currently use being simply another variant of the animal.

The Dino Eggs are supplied as in Fig 1, and after freeing the Dinosaurs from the jelly the raw condition as supplied is as in Figs 2.and 3.

In order for the novelties to be useable and co-ordinated with the other Marro figures,which are associated with the Pteravore, I painted them with a wash of yellow and picked out the ribs in red gore. I gave the head a coat of Goblin Green as I didn’t want to give the impression that they were completely skeletal in form and further I thought that they would match the green on the heads of the Heroscape Marrden Nagrubs, these of course could be immature versions of the Marro Hellhounds or as mentioned previously another variant. I resisted the temptation to insert small ball bearings as eyes as this could in some circumstances make them look comic, instead of terrifying which was the effect I was after.

When dry, they were mounted on 30mm bases and the base covered with fine sand. Below is the result of literally just a few minutes work. I think they integrate fairly well into the Marro culture.

I have utilised the existing Hellhound card, and merely changed the picture. Hengist 09:01, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

Fig 1. Novelty Dino Egg

Fig 2. Dino Type 1 As supplied

Dino Type 2 As supplied

Marro Hellhound Type1

Marro Hellhound Type 2

Hellhounds in Battle -1

Hellhounds in Battle -2