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One of the drawbacks in the Nexus armoury is the absence of Air vehicles. The Karn have the Banshee but the Nexus have nothing comparable. A few years go now I stumbled across a Matchbox Jungle set produced in 1999 it had a reasonable sized Aircraft which I thought could be utilised as a heavily armed Dropship for the Nexus. After parting with £10, I took the box home and unwrapped the contents (see below).

The pieces went together in the same manner as the tongue and slot system on the Banshee. The plastic also appeared of the same type. This may not be a coincidence, as Matchbox at the time was part of the Mattel empire and they of course took over Bluebird a couple of years previously.Anyway all in all it was a good quality item and I didn’t think it looked out of place in my Havok Universe!

The Model acts as a Medium Transporter/Dropship carrying up to a Division of 12 Fully Equipped Assault Troops or up to a Division of 18 – 47th Line Troops or up to a full complement of 30 Standard Troopers.

I’ve produced a Battlecard as the Dropship is armed and can give a reasonable account of itself in Battle.

Hengist 11:40, December 6, 2009 (UTC)

Jungle Box set.jpg
Jungle Box Set (02) Matchbox System Mega Rig Range
Jungle set components.jpg
Jungle Set Components
Droplifter with Nexus Troopers.jpg
Venom Droplifter with complement of Nexus Troopers
Droplifter with Assault Troops.jpg
Droplifter with Division of Nexus Assault Troops
Droplifter with 47th Line Troopers.jpg
Droplifter with complement of Nexus 47th Line
Venom Battlecard Front.jpg
Nexus 'Venom' Droplifter Battlecard Front
Venom Battlecard Rear.jpg
Nexus 'Venom' Droplifter Battlecard Rear
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