As mentioned elswhere in the Workshed, The Heroscape Hive node was utilised in my Havok Universe as the Pteravore "Living Rock". I applied a coat of gloss to this item to give it a slimy look, as it's original look is quite matt.The Living Rock produces Pteravore Razors, Pteravore Marro (Screamers) and Pteravore Hellhounds.In my universe the Hive can only be destroyed when the last Pteravore has been killed, and the Psychic link destroyed. Below are a couple of pictures, to give the effect.

Hengist 10:35, 21 July 2009 (UTC)
T-Hive and Hellhounds

Birth of the Hellhounds

T-Hive and Razors

Birth of the Razors

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