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EM4 Miniatures are manufactured by EM4 at Hereford, England, and distributed by Hobbygames Ltd. Among their product range which is varied,and produced in plastic and some in metal are a box set of Space Rangers made in silver-grey, high impact plastic. These miniatures, are of very good quality, well detailed, and comprise a Leader, and 4 Space Rangers, Sword for leader, Hand held stormers for the four Rangers, a sprue of 3 Heavy Weapons, 5 Backpack thrust suits and 5 25mm slotted bases. These are housed in a very attractive box. They are also very keenly priced compared to some miniatures, and at the time of writing retail at only £2.50. It's not worth buying original Havok models which these days seems to be selling at mind numbing prices, save your money and get a few EM4 models in your collection, with a little work, the difference isn't noticeable, indeed it individualises your collection.

I have utilised these Rangers to act as Karn Heavy Weapons,which with a little effort can be made to look spookily like them. Below are the results of my efforts.
I dispensed with the 25mm bases as I use 30mm which is close to the 35mm Bluebird ones.
I also did not use the Backpack as the Original Karn model didn't have one.

I clipped of the Slot base on the feet of the model and filed the feet flush, I then mounted the miniature on a non-slot 30mm base using poly cement, and then primed the combination white. A coat of thinned down bestial brown was applied over the model and when dry, chestnut wash was brushed in to integrate the colour.When dry, I dry-brushed Red Gore across the high spots on the model and then picked out the recesses/folds using Chaos black paint. When dry I applied a very thin coat of Black wash which gave the model a rich, dark look. For the Helmet colour I used yellow paint with just a dab of red, so that it gives the yellow an orange hue, that's all you want really, and then when dry, scraped off an area in front of the helmet to seat a round piece of plastic I had salvaged from an old sprue. This was then painted a dark blue, to make it look similar to the original Karn Heavy Weapon. The eye visor was also painted blue. The Weapons are silver-grey and I thought it best not to paint them. A coat of Humbrol varnish completed the model.

Hengist 10:26, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Space Rangers Box Front

Space Rangers Box Rear

Contents of the Space Rangers Box

Karn Heavy Weapons Unit

Space Ranger as Karn Heavy Weapons

Original Karn Heavy Weapons

Karn Heavy Weapon No.2