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We meet Imperial General Forst in the Pteravore Razor supplement in the 2000AD Comic. He slaughters Klan Warrior Regar for seeing a Pteravore as he does not want this Warrior to tell what he has seen and cause panic throughout the Empire. We learn from these supplements that it is the Emperor's own Klan, the Scutari, who take the fight to the Pteravore. These Scutari warriors are called the "Watchers"

To quote: "The Scutari are the "First" Klan of the Karn Empire, For they are the Emperor's own Klan. They are the "Watchers", the chosen rearguard of the Empire. For centuries they have fought a desperate battle with the Pteravore in the spiralling chaos of the void. (Note, not supported by released miniatures in the Havok Game System)."

The Scutari are easily noticeable on any Battlefield for they wear “Power Armour” that the nGenes have developed especially for them in their combat against the Prime Genus or Ptravore.They are led by Klan Lord and Imperial General Pegram Forst, an uncompromising and forceful Karn Leader. Standard Scutari Troops are known as “The Watchers” and are specifically armoured and trained to fight the Pteravore. They guard the most vulnerable areas of the Imperium, and have all taken the “Emperor’s Oath” indicating that they are prepared to die in the furtherance of the Imperium and it’s ideals.

However they sometimes form a fighting reserve in conflict with other foes, brought in at the last minute as fresh troops either to “mop up” any stubborn resistance, or form a robust last line of defence for the Karn. They are characterised by Lawrencium Power Armour and Steel Helmets, and carry a Standard Slugger. Each unit is led by a Sergeant who may opt for a Phaser weapon instead of the Slugger.
Those sergeants sporting a red roundell have passed the Emperor’s Bodyguard test and stand in line (with those others) for the next vacant position. I've utilised the EM4 Space Rangers as Scutari Watchers since I have used them as the Emperor and the Bodyguards. To apply some consistency to the theme, the Karn Heavy Weapons Group I created using the Space Rangers now belong to the Klan Scutari.
Hengist 10:28, 21 July 2009 (UTC)


Imperial General Forst in Power Armour

Forst made from a EM4 Space Ranger

Scutari Troops- "The Watchers"