The nGenes are the Technicians, Scientists, and Medics of the Karn Empire. Pictures below swhow a cutaway view of the Cryo-laboratory inside the Main Service Citadel. The Cryo-lab is guarded by two Karn Troopers. Inside the Cryo-lab which is pressurised and locked are 4 Cryo-chambers containing the Frozen bodies of significant people in the Karn Empire who have died from disease that the nGenes have yet to find a cure for.The Chambers are monitored at all times, and the lab is manned by at least 2 nGenes and a Service Droid. The diorama is used as an objective in a Battle Scenario, where the Cryo-chambers are given a set of static Battle points.Also shown is the Life Support section of the Laboratory, where captured species are analysed in the liquid filled chambers.

Hengist 10:39, 21 July 2009 (UTC)
Cryo lab1

4 Cryo-chambers are guarded by two Karn Troopers positioned near the Airlock

Cryo lab2

An nGene at the controls of the Central Command Console

Cryo lab3

The Cryo-lab is in a Airlocked chamber within the Service Citadel

Life Support Room2

nGene and Clinical Droid monitoring the Pteravore Razor and Marro (Screamer) in the Life Support Chambers

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