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One of the strengths of the Havok Rulebook was it's simplicity. The rules are easily remembered. The mechanics of the game were novel especially in the innovative use of the Battle Dice. For me there is no fun in Wargaming with a huge 300 page book under your arm which you must refer to. People are human and forget to do specifics on their turn, sometimes you can be so engrossed in playing the game as the rulebook demands that constant referral to it destroys the spontaneity of the game and with it much of the fun. A line must be drawn in what you intend to get out of the game, if you wish to recreate an actual battle on your tabletop which is quite representative of real life(Morale, Leadership tests etc.) then if that's your bag go for it! But to be honest it's not mine. However in having a simple rulebook there is a trade-off in that certain arisings are not covered adequately, and in these instances clarification is needed.

This section has been created to allow Havok enthusiasts to share their experiences and their house-rules that have been derived from them
1. Movement/Turning Rules
2. Firing Rules
3. Cover Rules
4. Close Combat Rules Clarification
5. Hero Unit Rules
6. Single Hero Rules
7. General Game Rules
8. Other Rules