Banshee, Karn: Also called a 'Thopter. Helicopter like air vehicle gaining lift from Grav Engines rather than Rotor Blades.
Barrage Rig: Shoulder mounted Artillery Weapons.
Battle Rating: A value assigned to a troop type which gives the relative effectiveness in Battle.
Battle Turn: Each player has a Battle Turn in which each troop type can move and fire.
Battlecards: A card detailing the capabilities and limitations of each troop type.
Battlefield: A table top or flat surface representing the area on which the skirmish or action takes place.
Battleform: Mechanised Walker Dreadnought in use by Karn and Nexus forces.
Benjamin, Brother: One of the Nexus Brotherhood.
Blank: A die face with no image-represents no shots on target.
Body, The: The material from which all Pteravore are born and to which they ultimately return.
Bor Klans: The lowest 4 Klans in the Karn Empire, The Tuath, The Inua, The Nohmen and the nGenes are all Bor Klans.
Borkian Mercenaries: Mercenary fighters allied to the Karn, employed mainly by the Klan Regus for Imperial and Private wars.
Bressov: Kinsman Commander.
Brigade: The smallest force size comprising of 500 pts or less.
Brishkor: The Father of Hengist, and former Proctorum Ultimo leader of the Imperial Council.
Brotherhood, Nexus: A dedicated order of Warrior Monks who possess strong Psykic Powers.
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