Karn Darkest Suns The thick clouds of brooding smoke hung in the air. They had all but consumed the morning sun and rolled out towards each horizon as the fertile land yielded itself to the flame. Soon the Darkest Suns would etch one more bloody conquest in their hall of glory. Mildrenkor and his warriors stood on the planet surface. All around them the battle raged. More than 600 warriors were here in this one valley. Each squad had been given a tactical target: Mildrenkor and his men were to take the trench position before them. Dust and ash blasted their body armour as the drop ship rose into the acrid sky. Mildrenkor settled once more into the familiar, cold detachment of command. Adjusting his scanners to local conditions, he checked his position. He could see that the Darkest Suns were winning, but at a high cost. These were good opponents. Perhaps some of them could become auxiliary warriors and wear the Imperial crest.But first they would have to be cleansed and absorbed into the Empire. He remembered the words of his superior officer, the great Klan Lord Diaz, "We have forged an Empire from the detritus of the Universe! Melded the weak until they are strong. Ours is the light that illuminates the glory of the Karn and in it's fire shall we burn those who oppose us!" There were more than 3000 enemy troops, mostly well armed. Yet it would make no difference. Mildrenkor had seen too many campaigns to doubt the outcome of this one. He barked his commands and the Suns responded instantly. Each followed their practiced routines for a rapid assault on prepared defences. Overhead the drop ship commenced the first of it's attack runs on the enemy positions as the Suns moved forward to the attack. The air shimmered with the penetrating heat build up of a 100 purgers. The savage flame weapons are the trade mark of the Suns and the scorched wastes of countless planets lie as testimony to their effectiveness. One Hundred metres from the enemy lines the Suns halted. The defending troops rushed from their bunkers to man the trench lines as the barrage from the drop ship lifted. Yet before they could fully reach their positions, Mildrenkor gave the command to fire. The air before them erupted into flames, engulfing the enemy line. Without hesitation the Suns charged, their sluggers dealing death to those that had survived. Within moments it was over. Mildrenkor and his Suns fell to one knee, gave thanks for their victory and the further glory of the Karn. High above the atmosphere, aboard the assault ship "Purify", Klan Lord Diaz had identified a new objective for Mildrenkor and his men. Mildrenkor acknowledged his new orders and punched in the co-ordinates to his Battle-Com. The day would be long..... and hot... FILE TERMINATED

Mildrenkor directing the attack run
Klan Lord Diaz.jpg
Klan Lord Diaz
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