The Glaive RiderEdit

The Battle had been won. The Nexus Troopers stood wearily on the hilltop that had cost them so dear. For 6 days they had fought their way, step by step, up the bloody slopes. Now the hill seemed strangely quiet to the soldiers, still numbed by the past few days fighting. Yet there was no time for rest. The men busied themselves for the counter-attack which was sure to come. Dersee, the Nexus Commander, scanned the valley below. There was no sign of any Karn Troops. Suddenly the Sergeant tapped Dersee's shoulder and pointed to the horizon: "There Sir,Glaive Riders!" Dersee looked through his image intensifier at the two small dots speeding across the hilltops to the east. The Awful thrumming from the pulsing Grav Engines grew louder as he focussed on the lead machine. It was a dark angry object with the fearsome, chilling menace of a predator. The slender fins angled down at either side, supported by the deadly clusters of "Reaper" missiles. Protruding from the top of the craft were the compact pods of "Stinger" missiles; whilst hung below at the front nested the cruel "Venom" Assault Cannon. There was no mistaking the grim outlines. These were Banshees, the dreaded imperial ground attack Thopters. The Karn "Banshee" supported by Glaive Riders, ......a deadly combination...... Dersee thought. As they charged ever closer,Dersee could see the Glaive Riders. These heavily armoured troops flew alongside the Banshees, Their powerful Thrusters of their Jet packs hurtling them into battle with ferocious speed. These were Warriors to fear. Their Alto suits were charged with power, the Generators strained to the limit. Every micro-server, every weapon, seethed with pent up energy. Their power in battle was legendary: So was their fate. Sooner or later the Generator of his Alto suit would go critical. The Glaive Rider and his enemies, consumed in a final, glorious Fireball. Dersee's Sergeant ran back from the observation post, bellowing commands as he franticallytried to organise the Nexus Troopers. As they scrambled into position, the first salvoes of "Stinger missiles ripped into them. The needle like smoke trails lanced into the Nexus positions and burst in a series of quick successive explosions. Moments later came the larger earth shattering eruptions as the Reaper missiles tore apart the very ground on which the Nexus Troopers stood. Those who survived this torrent of destruction were cut down as the Venom assault cannon spat it's death in a merciless swathe of molten fury. Dersee stood amid the mayhem The hill that he and his men had battled for six days to take had been lost in one savage and brutal assault. He cursed his foe as he assembled the remnants of his command. With the aid of his mortally wounded Sergeant, they awaited the onslaught of the Glaive Riders and the certain death that fate had cast upon them.........FILE SUSPENDED.....To be continued on Nexus Hammer Tank

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