Havok Wiki

The original Havok range was made up of Karn Empire and Nexus Rebellion units with a handful of Preteravore Prime Genus units as well. Its not know if there would have been further expansions as the company folded before the original range was fully released.

Karn Empire Nexus Rebellion Pteravore Prime Genus
K-01 3 Karn Troopers N-01 3 Nexus Troopers P-01 3 Pteravore Razors
K-02 3 Darkest Suns N-02 3 Kinsmen P-03 3 Pteravore Screamers (unreleased)
K-03 3 Klan Warriors N-03 3 Tribunes P-03 3 Pteravore Hellhounds (unreleased)
K-04 2 Suma-Kai N-04 3 Brotherhood
K-05 3 Kai-Unes N-05 3 Nexus Assault Troops
K-06 3 Borkian Mercenaries N-06 Mauler Light Tank and 1 Doomguard
K-07 Karn Battleform and 1 Form Warrior N-07 Nexus Battleform and 1 Form Warrior
K-08 3 Karn Heavy Weapons (unreleased) N-08 3 47th Line Troopers
K-09 2 Banshee Attack Thopters and 2 Glaive Riders N-09 Hammer Heavy Assasult Tank and 3 Stormtroopers

Most units were sold in packs of 3 and the Doomguard, Stormtroopers and Glaive Riders were only available in the vehicle box sets making them difficult to build units of. The Darkest Suns, 47th Line Troopers and Battleforms for both major races were included in the main box game The Skirmish Battleset and so tend to turn up more often. It is widely believed that the Karn Heavy Weapons, Pteravore Screamers and Hell Hounds were part of the final release and never made it to the shelves before the company went bust. Pictures exist in various magazines and adverts and some display models are rumoured to exist in collections. On the 23/02/2009 one of the Karn heavy weapons troopers was seen on eBay in a mixed auction. The model was the heavy slugger armed model.

Printed Media[]

A series of 8 promotional Havok pullouts were given away with 2000AD during Winter 1996/97. The pullouts comprised of six 4 page comics giving some background on the units featured and two 16 page magazines giving a greater overview of the game, stories and product lists.

Issue Unit Featured Type of pullout
#1021 10 Dec Karn Troopers 4 Page colour pullout
#1022 17 Dec Nexus Troopers 4 Page colour pullout
#1023 30th Dec Karn Darkest Suns 4 Page colour pullout
#1024 7th Jan Pteravore Razor 4 Page colour pullout
#1026 21st Jan Emergence of the Karn 16 Page colour pullout
#1028 4th Feb Karn Suma-Kai 4 Page colour pullout
#1032 4th Mar Karn Klan Warriors 4 Page colour pullout
#1036 1st April Manbelbrod - The First Victory 16 Page colour pullout