Hesterix Space Game 3

Hesterix (the game board)

The game of Hesterix is played on a rectangular board with a space theme background representing the known Universe. Two coloured counters are used Red for the Karn and Green for the Nexus.

The white circles above represent Galaxies, some galaxies are connected to others by a Time tunnel. Movement between galaxies can only be made via the tunnels, one move at a time.

The Karn (K) and Nexus (N) forces are placed on the Galaxies shown above.The object of the game is for the Karn to annihilate the Nexus forces by moving onto the same galaxy as the Nexus occupies. The Nexus, of course, do all they can to prevent this from happening.

The Karn make the first advance from K along one of the time tunnels which connect the Galaxies together, on the first move they have but 2 options. It’s then the Nexus forces to move. They have 4 options but must choose one. Play alternates in this fashion until the Karn win. And they do win, in every game!! But how? What is the strategy?

The Solution

Hengist 09:52, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

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