Kaelli: The generic name given to the Darkest Sun's Kai Unes.
Kai Klans: The 4 Highest Karn Klans, The Scutari, The Darkest Suns, The Klan Regus and the Suma Kai.
Kai-Unes, Karn: The High ones, the highest caste from all the Klans.
Kammon: Signals Trooper assigned to Alpha Company.
Kanone: A high velocity Cannon 105mm on the Mauler and 150mm on the Hammer.
Karn Empire: Imperial Empire of the Karn, consisting of 8 Klans.
Katar: Klan Warrior.
Katechism: Circular arena which hosts The Ritual of Becoming and The Trial of Worth.
Ketcha: Prospective Klan Warrior, supposedly shamed by his father, Killed in the Trial of Hassim Ra, died a Warrior.
Killitras: Planetary Assault Ship.
Kimminsk: Nexus Fleet Admiral who deployed Bressov and his Kinsmen.
Kinsmen, Nexus: Elite Troops of the Nexus Rebellion who can go on to become Tribunes.
Klammon VI: Planet on which exists fortress Bregan and the Dithulian Plains.
Klan Lord: Supreme Leader of one of the 8 Karn Klans. Next in line-command under the Emperor.
Klan Warden: Officer in charge of maintaining the Imperial Battle forms and preparing them for battle.
Klan Warriors, Karn: Warriors operating by a common codex, taken from a number of Karn Klans.
Klecta: Short sword used by a number of Karn Klans.
Klintz: Master Sergeant with the Nexus Troopers.
Kodex, Karnian: The Imperial Law governing the Karn. It is reviewed and held by the Elite Council under the Proctorum Ultima.
Kommander's Manual: The Havok Skirmish Rule Book.
Korps: another name for Corps.
Kralius III: Backwater World -part of the Magamon System.
Krilish: Klan Lord of the Klan Regus.
Kurtur: A Fortress.
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