Karn Banshee There can be few sounds in battle that instill such fear as that of the Karn "Banshee" Attack 'Thopters.The aweful thrumming from their pulsing grav-engines is unmistakeable. Banshees attack at low level. They are not heavily armoured but the speed of their attack makes them difficult targets as they weave their way to the attack. They are capable of engaging superior Nexus forces as each is heavily laden with Stinger and Reaper missiles. The cruel Venom assault cannon completes their savage armoury. Banshees rarely attack alone. They are commonly supported by Karn Glaive Riders. Their Jet packs allow them to keep pace with the speed of the Banshee's attack. These terrifying troops are equipped with Alto Suits. These powerful exoskeletons have generators which enhance the speed and strength of the Glaive Rider. It is common practice for the generator to be overloaded, further increasing their power. This however is not without risk. The Alto Suit's generators can go "critical" in which case the Glaive Rider, and those around him, are consumed in a searing fireball. It is for precisely this reason that Glaive Riders seek to fight at the heart of the enemy line.

Karn banshee assembly
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