Karn Troopers The order crackled across the Com-net "Prepare to advance and hold fire advance" A thousand Imperial Troopers closed ranks and formed their attack column. At 600 metres the enemy heavy assault cannons engaged,releasing searing bursts of laser that cut through the dense ranks. On they marched. 300 metres from the lines, enemy small arms tore into them. Troopers in the front of the column were cut down, but the ranks behind stepped forward,over the bodies of their comrades, to take their place of honour at the front of the column. One hundred metres out they hit the defense mines before breaking through the laser wire. Finally at 25 metres the order came. "HALT-PREPARE TO CHARGE!!" The chatter of a hundred sluggers being cocked was barely audible above the maelstrom of fire. Svengis smiled, this is what he had been promised. His Emperor had not disappointed him. The enemy line looked strong, but these rebels lacked Imperial discipline. Svengis broke himself from his calm reflection as the awaited order was barked over his headset. "CHARGE!!" 30 Troopers leapt forwards. Svengis gave a scream of joy as his slugger jerked it's deathsong into the foe. A moment later, his weapon empty, he was running power sword in hand towards the first of the enemy trenches. On a ridge a thousand metres away, Warmaster Hengist watched in satisfaction as the attack column finally withered and died. "The diversion has succeeded in pinning the enemy reserves. Launch the main attack!" Svengis lay on his back and looked skyward. His body was broken and shattered. All was quiet now. He turned his head slowly to the right, the enemy line was perhaps 5 metres away. He thought to crawl forward. He still had his frag bombs. But the pain returned, and he sighed softly as everything closed to darkness..... FILE TERMINATED


Last moments of Svengis

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