1. Colonel Peter Shabnek of 47th Line1. Crashed Spaceship-40K1. Interview with Klan Lord Diaz
1. Klan Regus Conversion1. Movement/Turning Rules1. Slaughter on Pico
10.Utilising figures from Novelty Eggs-Marro11.The Nexus Hammer Mk2 Tank12.Utilising Combat Mission Miniatures
13.Wings of the Nexus - The Venom Droplifter14.The Karn Ion Furnace2. Firing Rules
2. Incident on Baryon VI2. Interview with Klan Lord Forst2. Klan Lord Diaz of the Darkest Suns
2. Pteravore Hive-Heroscape2. Utilising Impact Miniatures3. Church Ruins-40K
3. Cover Rules3. Interview with Klan Queen Miranda Shezayla3. Making some Inua
3. The Living Rock3. Utilising EM4 Miniatures4.1 Imperial General Pegram Forst and the Watchers
4. Close Combat Rules Clarification4. Interview with Klan Lord Krilish4. Redefining some Havok Roles
4. Rocky Outcrops-Impact4. The Emperor and the Klan Scutari4. The Marro Hive
47th Line5. Divisional Drop Ship-Starwars5. Interview with Klan Lord Hesterix
5. Nexus Assault Troops-for those who haven't got them!5. The Rocky Outcrop6. Nexus Troopers - for those who need a few more!
6. nGenes Cryo-Laboratory7. Making some nGenes7. The Emperor's Ship-The Manta Ray
8. Making some Nohmen8. The Toxic Pit9. Utilising Heroscape miniatures -Pteravore
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