Nexus RebellionEdit

The Nexus is a coalition of those who still battle against the tyranny of the Karn Empire. They have few permanent bases which are guarded by Kinsmen and warriors of the Brotherhood. However the bulk of their forces are scattered in Powerful Battlefleets known as the "Reaver Fleets". The Fleets emerge from deep space to attack the more isolated Karn outposts. They destroy the garrison with a rapid planetary assault and then replenish their supplies from the planet's resources using huge Transporter Craft. The fleet then disengages and retires to the furthest reaches of space before the more powerful Karn Battle Armadas arrive.The coalition comprises of the following orders:

The Nexus TroopersEdit

The KinsmenEdit

The TribunesEdit

The BrotherhoodEdit

The Nexus Assault TroopsEdit

The DoomguardEdit

The Hundred WarriorEdit

47th LineEdit

The Storm TroopersEdit

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