Parting, The: A Tribune's last battle where he sells himself as dearly as possible.
Pecken Star System: An area of space where the Great Rift was first noticed.
Peer Master: Another name for the Guardian of the List.
Pledge, The: Initiation Oath for Tribunes.
Power Blades: Weapons used by the Tribunes.
Prime Genus: Term used for the Pteravore (literally Supreme Race).
Proctors: Guardians of the Karnian Kodex.
Proctorum Ultimo: The leader of the Proctors.
Psyke: Telekinetic and Mind distorting Powers.
Psyke attack: An attack using Psyke abilities.
Psykic Static: Interference on the Psyke communication lines.
Pteravore Prime Genus: Opposition to Karn and Nexus alike.
Pulse Laser: Used by the Nexus Assault Troops, needs to re-charge between shots.
Purger: Main armament of the Darkest Suns, intense laser heat gun.
Purify: Karn Assault Ship, Flag ship of Klan Lord Diaz.
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