Pteravore Heavy WeaponsEdit

These well muscled Lizards are utilised by the Pteravore to operate heavy organic barrage weapons. Because of their size they are sluggish and docile, and only move with a speed of 1 on a dice throw of 4 or more (Test) otherwise they don't move. Because they have almost identical characteristics as the Karn Heavy Weapons, I've utilised the same Battle Rating. I've mounted them on the 35mm Green Havok bases, part covered with shingle.The Battle card is shown below (P05)

Heavy Weapons type 1

Impact Dino Large Gun

Heavy Weapons type 2

Impact Dino Medium Gun

Heavy Weapons 1

Pteravore Heavy Weapons Type 1

Heavy Weapons 2

Pteravore Heavy Weapons Type 2

Pt Heavy Weapons card front

Pteravore Heavy Weapons Card Front

Pt Heavy Weapons card rear

Pteravore Heavy Weapons Card Rear

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