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Pteravore Mechanical Bio-Morph (Titan)[]

The Pteravore Mechanical Bio-Morph or Titan is a fusion of advanced Electro-Mechanical Technology and a living organism. The living organism is mounted above the mechanical legs and sends commands to the Walker Servos through an advanced neural network. In my model I removed the round base from the Walking Gun legs as it was my intention to mount these legs on a 30mm base. I then removed the trigger mechanism from the walking gun, and filed down the top to make it as flat as possible to accommodate the field gun. A roll of "milliput" (green stuff), formed a base for the field gun. A bit of painting and a dusting of shingle completed the model.My model was rather rushed so I'm sure that other enthusiasts will produce better ones! The Model has a bio-Gun, a pulse laser in the chest cavity and a terrifying screw for Close Combat. Battle Rating is a bit of guesswork really and I'd love to receive some comments from others, It's obviously not as powerful as the Battleforms, but I believe more so than the Nexus Hundred or Karn Form Warrior, with this in mind I've plumped for a rating of 56! The card is shown below (P06).

Impact Field Gun

Impact/Wolf Ridge Large Gun Walker

Pteravore Bio-Morph Titan

Bio-Morph Titan Card Front

Bio-Morph Titan Card Rear