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Pteravore Razors Tenacious and aggressive, the Pteravore is a relentless foe. They have brought fresh horror to a universe that has been witness to over five thousand years of war. The Pteravore Razors form the bulk of Pteravore swarms. Their forearms end in long sharp blades for stabbing and tearing their enemies.

Pteravore Screamers The most feared Pteravore, their screams are generated by focused beams of sound built up in the hollow tubes on their forearms. The drawn out wails are as devestating as any physical blow. Screamers are not only dangerous in combat but can generate a powerful pyske attack.

Pteravore Hell Hounds Powerful and fast, they attack swiftly and without mercy. Their savage focus and great speed in battle make them indomitable foes.

Early Promotional material included a single miniature together with a base in a sealed bag, with a leaflet describing the 3 main races and a list of what was available and what was to come.Included in this bag was a composite decal, featuring a Nexus Trooper base,and insignia and a Karn Trooper shield. This would indicate that apart from the Pteravore Razor miniature that I have in my collection, still in it's sealed bag, that there could have been a Nexus Trooper miniature or a Karn Trooper miniature which was included in some packs.Maybe somebody could confirm this or otherwise, below is the Pteravore miniature from the pack in my collection.- It is confirmed that a single Nexus Trooper was released in this fashion

X Pteravore Razors.jpg
Pteravore Hellhound
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