Rabert: Nexus Trooper of Alpha Company.
Range: The distance from one miniature to another.
Range, Extreme: A Range Greater than two Ruler lengths.
Range, Long: A Range Greater than one Ruler Length but less than two.
Range, Medium: A Range Greater than a half Ruler length but less than one.
Range, Short: A Range Less than a half Ruler length.
Razor, Pteravore: Pteravore with limbs made for cutting and tearing.
Reaver Fleet: Group of Nexus space ships which are interdependent and search space for Karn objectives.
Regar: Warrior of the Klan Inua.
Regus, Klan: Self Styled "Noble" Klan of the Karn, Ruthless and devoid of emotion.Characterised by White hair and Red eyes.
Rider, Glaive: Karn Warrior in Exoskeleton Alto suit, Jet Pack and Generators. Support for the Karn Banshee.
Rift Masters, Karn: Those in the Karn nGenes Klan who engineer the Great Rifts in the fabric of space.
Rile Axillia: Nexus Psyker who first saw the emergence of the Karn from the Great Rift.
Ritual of Becoming: Undertaken by all Kai-Unes on their 30th Birthday includes the Trial of worth. Those who pass are fitted with a Nanodroid server.
Rourk: Nexus Trooper of Alpha Company.
Rowenna: Name Marcus has given his Hammer Tank.
Ruler, Combat: Reverse side of movement Ruler. Gives Range markers.
Ruler, Movement: Game Ruler marked with distances.
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