Saving Throw: A saving throw must be made for each hit. The dice throw must equal or be less than the Armour Value of the miniature.
Screamer, Pteravore: A terrible foe. Their blows are screaming wails of sound intensified by hollow chambers in their limbs.
Scutari, Klan: The Emperor's own Klan. They are the Watchers and the Doom Seers for the Karn. They have the most experience of fighting the Pteravore.
Seeding the Emperor's blood: Dark Suns Practise of driving a fist into the ground and implanting a nanodroid server containing a drop of the Emperor's blood to claim territory.
Shabnek, Peter, Colonel: The Lion of Manbelbrod. Shabnek led the final charge which won the day for the Nexus forces.
Shamoul: The Mask of Dishonour, worn by the descendents of the Suma-Kai who lost the day at Manbelbrod.
Ship, Attack: A small ship which can strafe enemy lines.
Ship, Drop: A Ship which deploys troops from the Fleet ship to drop off points on the planet's surface
Ship, Fleet: Mother Ship, incapable of landing on a Planet's surface.
Ship, Transporter: Ship used by the Nexus to transport the spoils of war back to re-supply the Reaver fleets or return to the Homeworlds.
Shock Gun: Used for Close Assault by the Nexus Assault Troops. It fires a deadly hail of exposive pellets.
Shots on Target (SOT): The combined number of skulls and explosions rolled on the Battle Dice.
Skull: The Skull symbol counts as one shot on target (SOT).
SITREP: Situation Report.
Slammer: Laser Guided Missile launched from the Mauler Light Tank.
Slugger, Heavy: A heavier version of the standard slugger. Carried by the Karn Heavy Weapons squads
Soeza: A wind on the Planet Kurtur.
Special Abilities: A range of extra functionality. Always identified on the rear of a Battle Card for that Troop Type.
Speed: The rate at which Troops/Machines move. Lighter Troops will be able to move faster and therefore further than heavier Troops.
Star Fleet: Massed Reaver fleets of the Nexus.
Storm Cannon: Heavy Weapon carried by the Nexus Assault Troopers.
StormTrooper, Nexus: Elite Troops which fight with the Hammer Tank.
Strength: This is a measure of the Troops Physical strength as well as a measure of it's ability to inflict damage.
Strength Bonus: Additional dice which are allowed to be rolled by the miniature with the greatest strength value.
Suma: The Karn word for "half" or "semi"
Suma-Kai, Karn: Giant 7 ft tall Assault Troopers, One of the Four Kai Klans
Svengis: Commander of the Karn Troopers who caused a diversion which allowed the Karn to win a major battle.
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