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Terrain supplied with the Skirmish Battle sets was by necessity basic and with no frills.But they were also wacky and had a charm of their own. Realistically they were effective and not produced without some thought. Here are the pieces, which can be assembled handed or reversed, or simply mixed up if that's what you really like to do. Heck it's your game too!!

Hengist 13:10, October 30, 2009 (UTC)

The Parabolica[]

This was a simple piece of terrain in the form of a rocky outcrop with a parabolic opening, with a compound of cover at it's front.

The Parabolica

The Parabolica (Front View)

The Parabolica (Rear View)

The Fissure[]

This was an even more simple piece of terrain in which one or possibly two figures could take cover in the Rocky fissure.

The Fissure

The Fissure (Front View)

The Fissure (Rear View)

The Rock Cover[]

The Rock Cover, again was basic and featured a graded height for cover shots

Rock Cover

Rock Cover (Front View)

Rock Cover (Rear View)

The Irenium Mine[]

The Irenium Mine was similar to the Parabolica but without the front cover, just a small motor vent doubled as a stand for the item.

The Irenium Mine

Irenium Mine (Front View)

Irenium Mine (Rear View)