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Early Promotional material included a single miniature together with a base in a sealed bag, with a leaflet describing the 3 main races and a list of what was available and what was to come.Included in this bag was a composite decal, featuring a Nexus Trooper base,and insignia and a Karn Trooper shield. This would indicate that apart from the Pteravore Razor miniature and a Nexus Trooper miniature which are in my collection still in sealed bags there must have existed a Karn Trooper miniature which was included in some packs.Maybe somebody could confirm this or otherwise, below is the Pteravore miniature and Nexus Trooper miniature from the packs in my collection.It is not confirmed that only these three miniatures were released singly.

Single Model Bag -Pteravore Razor

Early sealed single model bag

Single Model Bag -Nexus Trooper

Composite Decal

Early Promotional Leaflet(outer)

Early Promotional Leaflet (inner)

Bluebird began to include extra miniatures in boxes to attract prospective purchasers, this may have been when the end of the Company was imminent. Shown below is a Nexus Trooper Box which has a corner flash on the lower Right Hand side. The additional model is a Pteravore Razor, this has a green base supplied for it, but unfortunately no decal.

Extra Model Box-Pteravore Razor free in Nexus Trooper Box

During the Main Advertising Launch in early 1996, Bluebird released Posters for shop display. These were superbly printed on high gloss art paper and are incredibly difficult to find today. These posters depicted the scene on the front inside cover of the Kommander's Manual (Rulebook). These posters measured 690mm x 330mm.

Advertising Promotional Poster