The Inua are the oldest Klan in the Karn Empire. They have existed for many millenia in the old Universe, long before the other Klans emerged. They are used to cold sub-zero worlds, as a consequence, they are generally short and stocky with 20% more body-fat than normal. They can fight in sub zero conditions which make fighting impossible for other Klans, as they have a faster metabolic rate in such conditions. Because of this they must be supplied with food provisions on a more regular basis than other troops.

The Inua live in dwellings made of ice itself, huge Crystal edifices with towers and battlements. They have the technology to build these structures on any planet and to keep them from melting with huge underground conditioning units, which keep the air inside cold and dry, and the structure itself below freezing. Those of the Klan Inua who build and maintain these structures are called Cryomasons and belong to an inner sect of the Bor-Une caste who pass on their construction secrets from generation to generation.

The Inua’s Warrior Caste are amalgamated with the Warrior Castes from the Darkest Suns and the Tuath where they learn the Warrior Code. The elite of these Warriors form the Inua Troopers, characterised by their white armour. Units of these Troopers are led by Inua Kai-Unes, descendents of the old tribal elite.

The most Senior Kai-Une is Hansaaga an Inuan with bright Red hair, he is of Warmaster rank acting as Klan Lord for the Inua at the inner Imperium meetings with the Emperor. In battle he wears a Silver Hawk head-helmet instead of the standard Kai-Une Headress.

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Inua Troopers near an Ice flow


Inua Troopers showing shield details


Inua Troopers Close up


Hansaaga saluting his troops after battle


Hansaaga in Hawk Head Battle Helmet


Hansaaga with helmet removed

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