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In my Universe there are Officers of the General Staff or Imperium, which include all Ranks from Emperor (Supreme Klan Lord) down to Imperial General.

The Inner Imperium consists of a subset of this from Supreme Klan Lord down to Warmaster (acting Klan Lord).

An honourary rank of Warmaster is bestowed on the Proctorum Ultimo who represents the Council of Proctors at the Inner Imperium Meetings. Chief Klan Lord Diaz briefs the Imperial Generals. I thought it only fitting that The Regus would have their own Officer Insignia, but Imperial Generals of the Regus must conform to the requirements of the Imperium and wear the Karn Emblem as other Imperial generals do.

Officer Ranks go from 1 to 12 (Emperor). These numbers help to equate the ranks of the Regus Officers with the other Karn Officers, for example Group Commander (level 4)in the Regus equates to Major (level 4) in all other Klans. Note that in my Universe the Nohmen call this Rank Company Marshall.

I have given titles of Brigade Commander, Divisional Commander and Korps Commander in order that Heroes can be created who can lead these Units. My thinking revolves around either giving them more than one life or increasing their Armour rating.

The Rank of Imperial General is bestowed on those who lead an Army, and each Klan is composed of Several Armies.
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The General Staff of the Imperium

Officer Ranks all Klans except Regus

Officer Ranks Regus only

The Karn Imperium - Seniority Structure