This starter set included 6 x battle dice, 2 x normal dice, Card Stock including Troop data (Battlecards), Scenery and 2x Combat / Movement Rulers, A Rulebook (Kommander's Manual), 8 x bases, 4 x decal sheets (1 -47th Line Unit;1-Darkest Suns Unit; 1-Karn Battleform + Form Warrior"; 1-Nexus Battleform + Hundred Warrior), A Karn Battleform, A Nexus Battleform, 3 x 47th Line Nexus Troops, 3 x Karn Darkest Suns, one Karn Form Warrior and one Nexus Hundred Warrior.

Online review of set can be found here [1]

The Skirmish BattlesetEdit

Unopened Skirmish Battle Set

Unopened Skirmish Battle set


Kommander's Manual

Card 1 front

Card 1 Front

Card 1 rear

Card 1 Rear

Card 2 front

Card 2 Front

Card 2 rear

Card 2 Rear

Card 3 front

Card 3 Front

Card 3 rear

Card 3 Rear

Card 4 front

Card 4 Front

Card 4 rear

Card 4 Rear

Card 5 front

Card 5 Front

Card 5 rear

Card 5 Rear

Loose card 1 front

Loose Card 1 Front

Loose card 1 rear

Loose Card 1 Rear

Loose card 2 front

Loose Card 2 Front

Loose card 2 rear

Loose Card 2 Rear

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