Hi Everybody. My Username is Hengist. I've been collecting Bluebird Havok stuff for about 10 years. I think its brilliant that a keen collector/ enthusiast has started this site so we can share pictures and ideas.I've contributed some material that other users may find interesting. In the absence of Pteravore figures, I've utilised the Dinos or Lizards from Drummond Park's excellent Impact game, they had an expansion called Wolf Ridge. The miniatures from these two games can add some interesting diversity to the Havok game, and can provide alternatives to Karn Heavy Weapons, Nexus Storm troopers and Screamers.They are made of similar material and composition as well.

Thank you Edit

I've got to say thank you for your contributions to this site, and thank you for informing me of recent developments. Unfortunately, housing problems has meant that my Havok collection is currently stored in another part of the country, meaning that I have so far been unable to contribute much to the Wiki. Fortunately, a number of good souls such as yourselves have taken the time to do this, and for that I thank you. Dantai813 23:29, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

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