Havok Wiki

This section has been created to allow Havok enthusiasts to generate ideas and share those with others. Everybody's contributions are welcome. Have you modified miniatures? have you created your own for use in your own Havok Universe? Have you created house-rules where there is ambiguity in the main Rulebook? Created Super-Heros and Hero units? You have!? Then this is the section for you. Share your ideas with the Group and this way you'll find other people will appreciate the effort and of course other people's input will spark something off again in you. If a topic is not covered below then log in and please expand the contents to include it, dont forget to add 4 tildes (~) to identify your particular Universe. Remember - Everybody's Welcome in the Workshed!

The Heart of the Havok Universe


1. Modification of Existing Miniatures
2. Utilising Other Miniatures
3. Additional House Rules
4. Terrain Suggestions
5. Hero Units
6. Battle Ratings
7. Battle Scenarios
8. Roster Sheets
9. Origins of the Nexus Rebellion
10 Interviews with Havok personalities
11 New Short Stories
12. The Karn Imperial Structure and Ranks